Thursday, March 14, 2019

Parents Association Minutes 2/14/2019

Lower Manhattan Arts Academy (LOMA) Parents Association

350 Grand St, New York, NY 10002

(212) 505-0143

February 14, 2019 Meeting Scheduled for 6 - 8:00 PM



6:15 PM          Meeting Called To Order

  • LOMA PA Secretary, Mariama James taking minutes


6:17 PM          Ken Bravo, LOMA PA President begins to conduct election of an SLT Member to fill the vacancy caused by his having been elected PA President

  • Cassandra Barnes nominates Mariama James
  • Mr Janka, LOMA Interim Acting Principal explains what the SLT (School Leadership Team) does and what a member’s duties are and announces that the next SLT meeting will be on February 28, 2019
  • Amanda Sanchez seconds Cassandra Barnes’s nomination of Mariama James
  • Mariama is elected unanimously


6:23 PM          Interim Principal, Luke Janka, begins his Town Hall first with background information on himself and then going into changes proposed &/or made at the school

  • New programs are to be launched on Monday 2/25
  • Health class has been created for the 11th grade and 3 electives have been added for the 9th grade
  • A consultant, costing $12,000 but saving the school $10,000 by locating unaccounted for funds for a net cost of $2000, has been hired
  • 9th and 10th grade class balance, in consideration for the 36% Special Ed population, has been balanced
  • In the 10th and 11th grades, all classes were changed to ICT


6:58 PM          Amanda Sanchez, LOMA PA Treasurer, presents Treasurer’s Report

  • The PA Account balance is $837.66



6:59 PM          Ken Bravo motions to approve the minutes

  • The motion is second by Cassandra Barnes


  • The January LOMA PA Meeting Minutes are approved       



7:00 PM          LOMA PA President, Ken Bravo, makes an announcement that it is illegal to record PA Meetings because minors are present and participating


7:01 PM          PA Body discussion ensues


  • Shirts have been designed to raise PA Funds


  • There will be a Junior competition to design their shirts for senior year


  • All “swag” will be available for sale in the office


  • Kids should put on a show based on major as was done in the past for Open House in the interest of recruitment


  • The PA should not be trying to solve issues with the school/senior trip


  • Ken to look into senior class rings


  • A parent expresses outrage at the $15.00 sitting fee charged each senior for pictures


  • We need the date for LOMApalooza ASAP so that outreach to vendors and other community members and leaders can be done
  • New permission slips are required in order to legally take and use pics of the children



7:41 PM          New/Old Business - Sandra Hyatt, LOMA former PA President & parent


  • Apology to Ken Bravo and others for acting out of character during PAC elections
  • Ken Bravo accepts apology



7:46 PM          Meeting Adjourned