Thursday, February 15, 2018

LOMA Parents Association Minutes 1/18/2018

Meeting started 6:15pm
Principal Introduction/Announcements and discussion:
  • Discussed upcoming Mid-Term/Regents exam week
  • Winter break Friday 2/16 thru Friday 2/23
  • Alumni Day at LOMA: students shared their school experience, race population, admission application process, financial aid filing, personal essay and available scholarships. There is a Seward Park Alumni Association, which contributes towards college scholarships.
  • Please note the less money you have the more opportunities for funding.
  • Announced LOMA Events: Valentine’s Day Party on Tuesday, 2/13/18
Fanfaire Presentation: Miguel of Fanfaire
  • Miguel spoke about upcoming Comic Con event on Saturday, 2/24 and Sunday 2/25 
  • Discussed opportunity for students to be entrepreneur’s and sell items by reserving a table and presenting items:
  • Event will be informative and have fun demonstrations of animation, Cosplay contest with cash prizes
  • $60 for reserving a table at the event includes both days
  • There will be raffles and free give away items, live music, photography, speakers
  • All are students invited
  • Group discussed participating for next year and should involve Student Government and Art department
Parent Open discussion:
  • Parents discussed concern, students feeling burned out and not having a fun school experience; it is understandable since they need to prepare for upcoming exams.
  • Open House: lacked attendance for new students, organization, and preparation overall, not a good turnout.
  • Next year LOMA will no longer be a limited unscreened school
  • Auditorium will be open to community access
Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm
Respectfully submitted by Noralie Nunez-Recording Secretary

Parents Association Minutes Dec 21/2017

LOMA Parents Association Minutes
Meeting started 6:15pm
Principal Introduction and discussion:
  • Discussed upcoming Parent Teacher Conference January 4, 2018
  • Emphasized the importance of Pupil path Access to check student grades, homework, exams and attendance
  • Explained the permanent marking period grades vs the semester grades on student transcript and their importance
  • Announced LOMA Events and upcoming Regents
  • Mrs. Cordero stressed the importance of students arriving on time for Regents week and no cell phones allowed. She also mentioned gym clothes supplies so there is no excuse for students not being prepared
College Advisory Presentation: Teri Sheahan, College Advisor
  • Teri spoke about skill assessment to help determine areas of interest and select prospective schools
  • The importance of participating in extra-curricular activities: Student Council, Sports teams and Community Service
  • College Prep, essay writing, campus visits and College fairs
  • Earning College credits at participating CUNY Schools
  • Financial aid: FAFSA, TAP, Pell, Excelsior Scholarship, College Now
  • The importance of grades and SAT scores and Teacher referrals
  • SAT Prep opportunities at LOMA and Edgies
Parent Open discussion:
  • Discussed the possibilities of having PA meetings via conference call dial in, webinar, GoTo meeting as a means for more parent participation
Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm
Respectfully submitted by Noralie Nunez-Recording Secretary